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Hold Fast is a one-woman operation, which means that in addition to designing your awesome handbags and accessories, I also draft the patterns, source the materials, cut the fabrics, sew them up, photograph them, package them, and ship them to you, all while providing the most prompt and courteous customer service I can. 100% handmade from my little home studio in sunny California.

Although I've been sewing for almost 20 years, I started designing handbags almost by accident. My everyday handbag started falling apart, and nothing else in the market caught my eye as a replacement. After being laid off from my previous merchandising job during the peak of the recession (what a blessing in disguise!), I had extra time on my hands. I decided to make a go at designing my own bag with all the elements and style I wanted and was unable to find. I made up a prototype and loved the result, so as a hopeful experiment I made up a few more samples and listed them on Etsy. I never imagined they would began selling within a week, and I never looked back! 

​I have so much fun making and designing handbags, this is the best job ever. I love helping customers choose their custom bags -- it's thrilling to know there are many awesome gals carrying my work all over the world!



Miss Randi

​After starting my business in my vintage Hollywood apartment, I moved back home to Northern California with my crazy Siamese kitty -- and currently reside in another vintage apartment in downtown Sacramento with lots of character and room to create!

I have an addiction to leopard print, red lipstick and everything vintage (help!). I'm fond of gin and beer and rock & roll. True crime junkie. When I'm not at my sewing machine you can find me reading on my balcony nook or watching horror movies. ♥


Quality Control

Buster checks in on daily activities and makes sure everything is tip top before shipping out. When not walking the sewing floor, he loves to lounge in his sunny windowsill and steal muffins off the kitchen counter.

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